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#4 Las Vegas native Ryback, roasted by MJF on AEW Dynamite

#4 Las Vegas native Ryback, roasted by MJF on AEW Dynamite

It's no secret that WWE is reluctant to mention Ryback in their programming, but it doesn't seem like AEW feels the same way about the Las Vegas native.  MJF name-dropped the former Intercontinental Champion during a promo at an AEW Dynamite show in Dallas and the blow has managed to gain some attention online. The name drop happened when MJF was criticizing CM Punk's recent run with the company, claiming he thought it made him the new Ryback. The crowd in attendance was noticeably shocked by the name-drop, but it fit MJF perfectly and served as a pretty viral moment.

Ryback actually took the comment in stride and seemingly used the opportunity to take another stab at his longtime rival CM Punk. 

"Thanks for the shoutout @The_MJF," he wrote. "Now you have your big chance at being an enhancement talent working with an underwhelming opponent. #FeedMeMore."

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